The Master of Gekko-Roman Wrestling, Argus, made his eSports Entertainment debut at PAXAMANIA II where he teamed with his fellow CHIKARA alum, Ophidian, in the Jeff Green Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Unfortunately, they did not actually compete at the event as scheduled. In the first round of the tournament, John Drake offered the luchadors $10,000 to walk away, and they accepted. The duo returned later in the night to restore order when an army of Kaiju (including one Dirty Dan Ryckert) were assaulting Commissioner Greg Miller. With assistance from Argus, Ophidian successfully hypnotized everyone in the arena causing them to dance uncontrollably.

Is this the end of CHIKARA’s presence in LOH Wrestling? Or is it just the beginning?

Argus says hi to the Commish. Taking the bribe. Hypnotizing!


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