Andrea Rene

Andrea Rene is a host on GameTrailers as well as GameStopTV. Many LOH fans will recognize her voice from various podcasts such as Weekend Confirmed. Andrea has entered two Rumbles thus far and was eliminated by Dr. Tracksuit both times! In her first appearance, she survived just over a minute. In her second appearance, Tracksuit took her out in just over thirty seconds! What does Dr. Tracksuit have against Andrea?

”I’ve got glass in my hair!” Andrea and her nemesis. Focused!


Andrea Rene arrived for her third Rumble with the revelation that she had funded John Drake’s purchase of the League of Heels during PAXAMANIA II. Now known as “The Bank,” Andrea silently backed her fiancé as he addressed the LOH Universe.

Andrea entered the Rumble at #15 as Road Dogg, but ran directly into the buzzsaw that was Teddy Dief and was eliminated in just over a minute.

”The Bank” arrives. Trouble’s brewin’ here. Not eliminated by Tracksuit this time.

San Francisco, CA
by way of Fargo, ND
Having Glass in Her Hair
”Red Hair Don’t Care.”

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