Dan Amrich

Dan Amrich is a legend in the game industry. Currently a community developer at Ubisoft, Mr. Bunny Ears is an accomplished author, musician, writer, and actor who claims he was reviewing games before most of the League of Heels competitors could even spell “kayfabe.” And…he’s probably right.


”Dynamic” Dan Amrich made his LOH debut at PAX RUMBLE IV and addressed the LOH Universe with a poem:

    Here comes a new challenger, Dynamic Dan Amrich’s the name,
    I followed several tournaments, no two are the same.
    I love all the shenanigans from Gerstmann and Jeff Green,
    And all twelve times Greg Miller begged to turn on the fog machine.
    The League of Heels is with us now somewhat suspiciously,
    So now I have concerns about our league’s integrity.
    Some fight for glory, honor, truth, attention, or for fame,
    But now it seems that selling out’s the new name of the game.
    With no one sure who is the champ the stakes could not be higher,
    Perhaps the time for selling out is when you’ve found a buyer?
    My lazy eye cannot see all but fans heed my advice,
    Not everyone is who they seem and everybody has a price!

After reciting his poem, Dan flung several frisbees into the crowd. He entered the Rumble at #9 and was in the ring when the action was stopped to announce the purchase of the league by Jeff Green. But, unfortunately, Dan was quickly dispatched by Teddy Dief as many, many other superstars were that day. Maybe next time he’ll bring the bunny ears and have better luck.

Palette Swap Poetry Jam During Jeff Green’s announcement.


The poet laureate of LOH returned for a second RUMBLE in 2017. Once again, he had some poetry and frisbees to share with the LOH Universe.

    I left the ring real fast last year,
    Knocked out by Teddy Dief.
    He dominated Rumble IV,
    So I ain’t got no beef.
    I’m more concerned for Austin now,
    A target at the top.
    What machinations could unfold to cause the champ to drop?
    My poem’s done, my jacket’s loud, I’m pumped for Rumble V.
    I only hope my fellow heels make it out alive.

Dan entered the Rumble late at #26 as Chaz, but ran directly into the buzzsaw that was ”Authentic New Yorker” Dan Ryckert who was deploying some unsportsmanlike shenanigans that were quite reminiscent of that other Dan Ryckert we once knew. Weird.

More poems. More frisbees. Gone too soon.

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