Alexa Ray Corriea

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

Alexa Ray Corriea of What’s Good Games was a founding member of the Indie Love Coalition. She made her debut in LOH at the second Rumble, and although she got a lucky draw by getting Shawn Michaels, she was eliminated in just fifteen seconds by Charlie Chu.

Alexa’s LOH debut.


Alexa returned to LOH at PAXAMANIA as a member of the Indie Love Coalition, which she founded with “The People’s Champion” Samantha Kalman. Although Alexa lost her match against D-Leazy, ILC won the best of three series against Run GFB by a score of 2-1.

ILC is born! The ILC arrives! Alexa lost the battle, but won the war!

PAX Rumble 2015

At the 3rd Annual* Rumble, Alexa entered the match at #29. But, before her number got called, she found herself having to block Run GFB from interfering and possibly costing Samantha the match. While Austin Walker subdued Dr. Tracksuit, Alexa steadfastly stood toe to toe with the deadman, The UnderDraker. She took a vicious shot to the head from Drake’s urn and it was unclear if Alexa would be able to make it to the ring at #29. She was able to shake out the cobwebs and bravely entered the match, immediately aiding her ILC teammate, Samantha Kalman. After about three minutes, she was eliminated by her former Polygon co-worker, Samit Sarkar. Samantha went on to eliminate Samit to claim victory for the Indie Love Coalition.

Attacked by UnderDraker! Working together. ILC reigns supreme.


Alexa did not appear at PAXAMANIA II, but did play an integral role in the event. According to Samantha Kalman, Alexa stormed out of a pre-PAXAMANIA party the night before after the champ mentioned that Alexa wasn’t very good at wrestling games. Later in the show, it was revealed by D-Leazy and his legal advisor Ramón that Alexa had hired them in a wrongful termination suit against the leader of the ILC. Due to these “legal proceedings,” the champ was suspended from in-ring competition and was forced to leave the arena. Austin Walker took her place mid-match to defend the title and won, thus creating a controversy over who the real champion is.

PAX Rumble IV

At Rumble, Alexa made her long-awaited return to the ring. Blaming Samantha Kalman for her serious head injury in Boston and thus ruining the Indie Love Coalition, Alexa entered the Rumble with a new attitude and new management. As a client of D-Leazy, Esq., Alexa ended up becoming a majority owner of the League of Heels (temporarily) through a law suit against the league. She immediately banned all Dota nerds and Canadians from participating in the league.

In the actual Rumble, Alexa entered at #5 as Kane, but due to the confusion of both Genevieve St-Onge and Danielle Riendeau both picking Mr. Ass to begin the Rumble, Alexa was actually controlling the green Mr. Ass that was originally Gen’s, which she had abandoned to attend to Greg Miller. Danielle thought she was still Mr. Ass even though hers had been eliminated. So, since Danielle didn’t leave the ring, she became Kane while Alexa was unknowingly stuck with Mr. Ass. It was pure chaos and confusion, but the point here is that Alexa was screwed out of her shot at revenge. That and the lights gave her a migraine.

Alexa’s back, nerds! The bright lights were a hinderance. Taking ownership.


Alexa came to PAXAMANIA III as part of a mishmash of LOH veterans in a 4-on-4 tag match against a team of rookies. Following her alliance with D-Leazy at the previous Rumble, the two of them started the match in the ring against Eric Chon and Big Boy British. Alexa survived nearly five minutes in the match, but was eliminated by Tanya Short after Tanya had been turned into a vampire by The Vampire Butler. The vampire duo proved to be unstoppable and the rookies won the match.

Despite the loss, D-Leazy announced from the Baer Caev that this and everything else over the last four years were part of his master plan. He claimed there was one final piece of the puzzle, which led to Alexa blowing a cloud of “white powder” into the face of the friendly man known as Dr. Conrad Tracksuit. The horrific transformation into the deranged Dr. Tracksuit of old was complete. It was then that Alexa, D-Leazy, Rich Gallup, and Tracksuit revealed they were all wearing RUN GFB shirts. A new era of RUN GFB had begun!

Wait. There’s vampires now? Eliminated. The awakening of Dr. Tracksuit.
Oh no! RUN GFB is back!


After being an integral part in the reformation of RUN GFB in Boston, Alexa entered her fourth RUMBLE on a quest to capture the LOH Championship for RUN GFB by any means necessary. Before the Rumble even began, reigning champion Austin Walker delivered his “Nice Bomb” praising virtually everyone in the league. This led to Johnny Cashanova proposing a toast to the champ. Alexa provided the bottle of wine, so when the championed collapsed, she became a prime suspect in poisoning the champ.

Alexa’s alibi was that she drank the wine too, so it couldn’t have been her that murdered the champion. Aaron Trites accepted this defense and moved on to other suspects. Later, it was revealed that it was actually Aaron who orchestrated the entire plot to kill the champion. It was even Aaron who provided the “powder” that Alexa used at PAXAMANIA III to “awaken” Dr. Tracksuit. So, despite not being able to win the Rumble herself, Alexa was successful in helping bring the championship to RUN GFB. Now, they have complete control.

She brought the wine. And drank it too. Mission accomplished.

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