Alex Navarro

PAX East Rumble 2014

Alex “The Wolf” Navarro is the former undisputed world champion of video game wrestling. He entered the first Rumble promising victory, and he delivered with ruthless aggression. Navarro eliminated TWELVE of the other twenty-nine superstars including all six of the final entrants. When it came down to Navarro and Samantha Kalman as the final two in the ring, it was revealed that they had formed an alliance prior to the Rumble to ensure that they would be the final two. Navarro quickly dispatched Kalman, though, which put an even larger target on his back heading to PAX Prime.

The thrill of victory! 1st Rumble win! ”Speak to me!”

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

At a Giant Bomb event in Seattle (unsanctioned by LOH), Navarro was attacked by not only Kalman, but also his own Giant Bomb team member, Dan Ryckert, as well as Johnny V. The champion was severely injured thanks to a super kick followed by a relentless beating with a Singapore cane. Despite this, The Wolf made it to the second Rumble, and successfully defended his title against the winner of the Rumble, Greg Miller. Navarro crushed Miller in under three minutes even with interference from Kalman and Kate Welch. After the match, though, Navarro was abducted by his enemies while Miller snuck away with the title belt.

Injured champ. The face-off! First title defense.


At PAX East 2015, on the anniversary of the first Rumble, LOH held a contract signing during the Giant Bomb event. Alex Navarro was set to defend his title against Dan Ryckert, which befuddled many fans since Ryckert had done nothing to earn this shot. It was revealed that Greg Miller had finagled his way into becoming commissioner of LOH and forced Navarro to sign for a No DQ match with Ryckert in order for Miller to return the belt to him. On top of that, Ryckert had hired Run GFB as backup. It seemed as though everyone was against the champ.

Prior to the main event of PAXAMANIA, the leader of the Indie Love Coalition, Samantha Kalman offered her support to her former ally, but Navarro declined. The champ said he had to do this alone. Navarro dominated the match once again, but as he was about to deliver a Pedigree, Ryckert paused the game. Run GFB swarmed the stage, but attacked Ryckert instead! Navarro then revealed he was the newest member of Run GFB. While D-Leazy, Dr. Tracksuit, and The Underdraker slammed Ryckert through the Spanish announce table, Navarro pinned him in the game to secure his second title defense.

The deck is stacked. If Dan only knew. The champ reigns supreme.

PAX Rumble 2015

When the 3rd Annual* Rumble rolled around, The Wolf was confident he would crush whoever won the Rumble thanks to the protection of Run GFB. His former friend, Samantha Kalman, won the 30-person match, which meant the two would face off 1-on-1 for the first time since being the final two participants in the inaugural Rumble. Commissioner Greggy called for the match to be held within a steel cage in order to guarantee no interference, but when it appeared that Samantha had the upper hand in the match, the maniacal Dr. Tracksuit burst through the cage. The champion ripped his controller out of the N64 and commanded Tracksuit to take down the challenger. But, the love Tracksuit felt from the group hug from the Indie Love Coalition at PAXAMANIA led him to hug Samantha instead. He then turned and hugged Navarro, which stunned the champ long enough for Samantha to smash his head with a shard of the indie trophy that was broken by D-Leazy at PAXAMANIA. She then escaped the cage to claim the LOH Championship!

Following the match, Navarro publicly quit Run GFB, which was quickly dismantled entirely. So, what’s next for the former champ? We shall see at PAXAMANIA II.

The Wolf has donned the black. Third title defense. Tracksuit turns! Champ no more.


The former champion came to PAXAMANIA II with an axe to grind. Four nearly eight months, The Wolf had been hounding Commissioner Miller about his contractually obligated rematch for the title, but had been entirely ignored. To make matters worse, he was booked in the Jeff Green Memorial Tag Team Tournament with a LOH rookie, Cohen Edenfield. The Wolf took it upon himself to ruin the tournament created by the commissioner and murdered Edenfield with an N64 controller prior to the opening round. This senseless act of violence finally caught the commissioner’s attention. Miller promised The Wolf a title shot at the upcoming RUMBLE against whoever the champ was and the winner of the Rumble in a triple threat match. The Wolf accepted this offer, but was then chased out of the arena by the ghost of Cohen Edenfield. So, the former champ got what he wanted, but now he’s…haunted?

The Wolf don’t wanna be here. The murder of Cohen. The Wolf gets what he wants.


The Wolf arrived in Seattle with the intention of reclaiming the title he lost in the same town a year prior, but there was one problem. For the last five months, he’d been haunted by The Ghost of Cohen Edenfield. Cohen’s ghost had spent the week leading up to the Rumble threatening to strangle the former champ with a bike chain of all things.

As Navarro entered the ring for the triple threat title match in the main event, Cohen loomed over him, but it wasn’t the ghost that ended up being The Wolf’s undoing. About two minutes into the match, Navarro paused the game and went into a full-on existential crisis questioning what they were doing with their lives. He tried to convince Samantha Kalman that they should return to where this all began two and a half years ago; an alliance that succeeded in getting the two of them to the end of the Rumble together. Austin Walker tried to interject a few times, but, after being ignored, he unpaused the game and delivered two Stone Cold Stunners to Kalman to score the win and capture the League of Heels Championship without Navarro or Kalman even realizing what had happened.

When the two of them finally turned around, they were obviously upset. As the show was going off the air, Cohen could be seen stabbing Navarro in the shadows below the jumbotron much like he did during the hypnotic ending of PAXAMANIA II. What does this mean for the fate of the former champ? We may have to wait until Boston to find out!

Very spooky. That ghost has a bike chain! What are we doing? Stabbed again!


After the AV Club went on a protest and left the arena with the N64, Pat Baer called an audible, a tabletop match. One team was led by Trin “The Trin Train” Garritano, but Pat was at a loss on who to book them against. Aaron Trites called upon former champion Alex Navarro to fill the gap. The Wolf wandered into the arena through a service entrance in the back looking like he hadn’t shaved or cut his hair since PAX RUMBLE IV. Despite being aggravated by the thought of competing in a card game, Navarro agreed to take the match after Spanish commentator Elisa Melendez introduced two mysterious luchadors as his partners.

Despite their names being Thing Uno and Thing Dos, neither of them seemed to know how to play the Uno card game. Razlo and Maya dispatched them quickly to win the match 2-0. That meant Navarro never even got to compete.

Alone in the ring, Navarro sat down on the floor and went through a laundry list of his personal problems. He apparently spent $69,000 he didn’t have to have the Catholic church get rid of The Ghost of Cohen Edenfield. He got divorced…twice. He even started vaping. On top of all of that, Dan Ryckert lives near him now. “I tried so hard,” he said, “and got so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter.”

The Wolf appeared to be taking off his mask as a sign of retirement when a video appeared on the screen behind him. It was none other than Teddy Dief, the man who beat The Wolf’s record for eliminations at the last Rumble. He promised to beat Alex’s endurance record this year in Seattle. Dief told Navarro that he should retire because, if he doesn’t, the fifth Rumble will embarrass him to the fullest extent of the word. The Wolf vowed to return for the Rumble anyway.

A cooler full of sadness. In the end… The Dief is gunning for The Wolf.


Thanks to Teddy’s video message at PAXAMANIA III, The Wolf came to Seattle on a mission. He wasn’t just aiming to be the first-ever two-time winner of the Rumble. He was seeking to shut up Teddy once and for all. Fate was set to bring them face-to-face in the match, but that’s not what happened. The MVP of the 2016 Rumble, Teddy Dief, entered at #12 but was shockingly eliminated by a rookie, ”Yung Dota” Casey Eagan. The buzzer sounded and Navarro came to the ring at #13 laughing hysterically. Dief, clearly in a state of shock, was unable to comprehend what just happened. In a fit of rage, Dief re-entered the ring and used his scarf to strangle The Wolf. With Navarro incapacitated, Eagan eliminated him too.

Clearly this could not and would not be the end of this feud. Once he woke up, Navarro issued a challenge to Teddy for PAXAMANIA IV. He only saw one way to end this beef. A Loser Leaves Town match.

Two ships passing in the night. Sabotage! The dream of 2 Rumble wins is dead. Challenge accepted.

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