Adam Cardoza


For years, Adam Cardoza and Ethan Yetton have served as the tech team for League of Heels with little to no gratitude thrown their way. After years of being blamed for equipment issues despite commissioners throwing chairs at consoles, superstars dropping microphones on purpose, millennials getting their selfie sticks tangled up in controller cords, and people generally misunderstanding the rules of certain matches, Adam and Ethan had had enough. In a revolt, they packed up the Nintendo 64 halfway through the show and stormed out of the arena.

After the debacle that was the 3-on-3 tag-team Uno match, which Adam and Ethan obviously had nothing to do with whatsoever, Johnny Cashanova caved and brought the tech team back, still without pay but with a promise of being credited on the league website. Drake also enlisted the help of Video Game Championship Wrestling’s Brian Ballard to ensure the quality of the rest of the show. After LOH Champion Austin Walker won the main event, he delivered on his promise to make sure all employees of the league got paid by giving Drake’s money jacket to Adam.

Pre-show setup. Fed up. Main event time.

Taunton, MA
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