Aaron Trites

Aaron Trites is not only the play-by-play man for LOH Wrestling, he is also the current promoter. Thanks to his vision, LOH has gone from being held in an abandoned bingo hall in Medford to being the premiere event in live eSports entertainment. No one truly knows when or where the first event was held, but we do know that LOH is a Trites family tradition as Aaron took over for his Pap Pap several years ago. Under the guidance of Aaron Trites, the sky is the limit for League of Heels.

PAX Prime Rumble 2014

Fruity fruity fruity. Joined by Abbie Heppe.


Aaron hosts contract signing. PAXAMANIA begins! What a shit show.

PAX Rumble 2015

Pre-game This is what a juggle looks like. Is that a fire alarm?

Southern Slam 2016

Where’s Pope?

Cambridge, MA
Best Dressed Man in LOH
Lemonade + Maple Syrup = Medicine
”Thanks for letting us do this.”

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