Travis Stewart of Broken CRT Productions took many up-close photos at many LOH Wrestling events. Any of his photos are marked with the Broken CRT logo in the bottom left.
NoClip’s Danny O’Dwyer took photos from the front row of the PAX Prime 2014 Rumble. The full gallery of his photos can be found here.
Humanity made the promo posters/logos for each of the first three LOH events. You can view a collection of his art on his Tumblr page.
Although KF.Fobwashed did not compete in the 2017 Rumble, he was in attendance as a special guest on the front row. Several of his photos are used on various superstar pages for that event. You can find him online @Fobwashed.
Special thanks to Chad Ritacco for the LOH Wrestling intro video on the front page.
Giant Bomb Moderator Brad “Marino” Lynch has taken many photos from within the crowd at many LOH events. He also took photos from the front row of the Giant Bomb panels that included LOH-related things such as contract signings and promos.

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