LOH Superstars who have been absent for a significant amount of time (or have been…poisoned to death) have been removed from the active roster.

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Abbie Heppe ”Bonez”
Alex Rubens
Argus Arthur Gies ”Professa Killah”
Austin Walker
Bobby Lörtscher ”The Colon Dee Stroyer”
Brad Muir
Casey Lynch Chandana
Charlie Chu
Chris Faylor Chris Watters Cyberdwarf ”Dirty”
Dan Ryckert
Dan Teasdale
David Ellis Eric Neustadter Felix Kramer Greg Rice Holly Green
Jeff Green Jenn Bane Jessa Brezinski ”Mr. Infinity”
John Vignocchi
Jon Brown
Jon Carnage Lasercorn ”The PR Man”
Lenny Tan
Matt Sohinki Meggan Scavio
Mitch Dyer Nick Chester ”The Millennial”
Nick Robinson
Nigel Lowrie Ophidian
Pap Pap Phil Tibitoski Rami Ismail Ramón ”Country Gentleman”
Rusty Pitts
”The Beef”
Sarah LeBoeuf
”The Broletariat”
Seth Sivak
”The Queen of LOH”
Shuhei Yoshida Stephanie Bayer
Stephen Toulouse Tim Schafer Tim Turi Tina Amini Todd Sinclair
Torrence Davis ”The Claw”
Will Smith
The Wizard

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